In the attempt to read your mind we've anticipated some questions and answers. If there's anything you'd like to know we haven't answered, drop us a note and we'll do our best to answer you.



We show you 9 pairs of images. You choose the one you prefer. If you really can't decide, there's a "no preference" option. We then distill your specific result (one of nearly 20,000 possible permutations!) into a collector type with personality and art taste guidelines. When you begin browsing you'll be shown art aligned with your personality type. Simply swipe right to add art to your favorites, or swipe left if you're not into that piece.

Do you seriously choose everY piece of art?

Yes, we seriously look at every single piece before it's included in the app. We evaluate each artwork against a combination of price, size, medium and quality as well as how they fit into our existing collection. We curate a lot of art so you don't have to.


No problem! You can always turn off the personality filter under "Filter".

i have a budget. can i search by price?

Yes! You can filter by price range, size and/or medium.

Does it cost me anything to use mercartto?

Nope. Download the app for free, get your personality type for free, browse art for free.... heck, you can even get our exclusive No Bull$#*^ Guide to Buying Art for free (well, in exchange for signing up for our smart, occasional and always helpful updates.) When you fall in love with a piece of art, we'll send you to our partner sites where you can purchase your art.

I'm hearing a lot of "free". how do you make money?

We receive a small percentage of the sale price when you purchase art through Mercartto.

I’m nervous about buying art online. What if I don’t love my piece?

We partner with galleries who offer a satisfaction guarantee. In the event it’s not love at first sight, you can return it for a full refund. It’s no risk, but we’re positive you’ll fall in love!

If I sign in using Facebook, will Mercartto post on my Timeline?

No. We respect your privacy, and will never post unauthorized content to your page.

If you’re in love with a work of art, want a second opinion or want to drop a (not so) subtle hint, there’s a share button built into the app on the top right corner. You can share your favorites on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, by email or text/SMS.

I have an Android phone. Can I use Mercartto?

Not yet. We’re working on it, but for now Mercartto is only available on iOS. Sign up to be notified of new developments, including the Android app.

I'M AN ARTIST AND I want to sell my art on Mercartto. Can I sign up?

Absolutely! We love supporting emerging artists, and hope to bring artists on directly in the near future. Please sign up to be notified. 

I have an idea for mercartto. can i share it with you?

That would be great! Contact us here.

you're from Toronto. Do you know Drake?

Nope. But here's a little Toronto love for you.