Valuable life and business lessons learned through arts curricula

I recently came across an article which argues that the arts teach valuable life and career lessons.  A few highlights from the post in favour of arts in the education system:

  1. If you can successfully run an arts effort such as a theatre group, then you've liked picked up transferable skills in the areas of team building, budget management, goal setting, time management, leadership and conflict resolution. I would add to that sales, marketing, and relationship building. If these sound like business skills, you're right.
  2. Many students rely on creative thinking and learning through the arts which then ultimately boost results in other studies. For example, music can provide structure, thinking patterns and self confidence.
  3. Arts require collaboration. Collaboration requires sensitivity and empathy. What kind of a world would it be without these traits?

As interviewee David J. Murray observed,

Arts are not a luxury. They help drive everything that makes life worth living."