Announcing a Major Mercartto Update

We're thrilled to announce that we have just launched the next generation of Mercartto.

What's new:

- Everyone can now use Mercartto, not just iPhone users. In addition to launching V2 of our iphone app, you can use Mercartto at from any device, any operating system.

- When you like a piece of art, it will go into your Favourites. If you particularly love it, you can change your like to love.

- When you dislike a piece of art, it goes into your History; in fact, every piece of art you view goes into your History. From their you can switch from dislike to like to love and back, as well as delete permanently.

- We have improved filters and sorting, and we've enhanced our algorithm to learn which art is more likely to resonate with your personality type. (If that sounds to you like "machine learning," you're right.)

Deep Harbor by Gavin Sewell

Deep Harbor by Gavin Sewell

- On the desktop version you can get a sense of the art's scale with "View in Room."

We'd love to hear your feedback. Reach us at or chat with us using the Drift chat widget in the lower right corner.