December 2017 Recap

Once a month we provide a quick recap of things that have caught our interest as well as exciting stuff on the horizon.

Wishing our readers much joy in the year ahead. May it be filled with art and love.


Detail from Kim Adam's Bruegel-Bosch Bus, Art Gallery Hamilton

Detail from Kim Adam's Bruegel-Bosch Bus, Art Gallery Hamilton

The case for public art - Entertaining and whip smart Dutch Artist of the Year 2016 Daan Roosegaarde provided a compelling case for the benefits of public art.

Goosebumps from a highway - We learned something special is happening under Toronto's Gardiner Expressway.

"Go west, young man, go west" - We got a sneak peek of what's being planned for the reborn Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Toronto's west end. Keep heading down the QEW for art in Oakville and Hamilton.

Our favourite video of the month - Two art experts have to blindly guess which piece of art is being described... by an adorable 5 year-old. Watch here.

A chance to win art for your walls - In January we're giving you a chance to win a piece of art for that long-suffering bare wall you've been neglecting. Stay tuned. matches hand-picked, purchasable original art to your unique personality. Try our fun quiz to discover your art personality type.

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