New Updates on Mercartto

Thanks to all the feedback we’ve received, we have introduced some exciting new features to the Mercartto app.


Personality to a Tee

We’ve added a second version of the personality quiz to help you get the best match for you. Take them both, it’s twice as much fun!



IT's Like "the Large Font of Images"

We’ve updated our zoom features: just spread your fingers over the image to see it in more detail. One tap and you return to the main screen. You can also view landscape images at 90-degrees.







We’ve improved the app's machine-learning capabilities to find the best art matches for your personality type.




... and so has our filtering

Trying to find the perfect work to match your couch? Our new color filter will help narrow down the choices. Browsing from work? You can now exclude nudity from your results. Other improvements include size searching by specific height and width dimensions, finding artists by country (well, Canada to be more specific), and the ability to exclude portraits.


Check out the update in the app store, or launch the app to update.

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