MOCA is here!

With Toronto’s Museum of Contemporary Art’s (MOCA) re-opening we finally have something to Believe in again—The anticipation around the re-opening of Toronto’s MOCA proved to be worth the wait. It felt like all of Toronto came to the Junction for MOCA’s opening night, full to the brim, MOCA’s new home on Stirling Rd. is already shaping up to be a welcoming Toronto art hub.


The inaugural exhibition BELIEVE explores beliefs and systems and how they shape our values and behaviours, but really the show is about showcasing how artists at this moment are creating poignant and stunning work that reflects back to us what beauty and magic exists in this world. Each piece in the exhibition is exquisite; sculpture, murals, paintings, videos and even an interactive Pin-ball machine! Many of the artists are Toronto-based showcasing the amazing calibre of art being produced right here in the city.


The building itself has two floors (2 & 3) dedicated to exhibitions and two more (4 & 5) dedicated to interactive programming. There is also a whole section designated as artists studios where six local artists were selected to take up year-long studio residencies—the selected artists are provided with studio space so they can spend their time creating new artwork.

Tim Whiten, After Phaeton, 2013

Tim Whiten, After Phaeton, 2013

There is plenty of life in this museum and not many glass cases around the work which makes everything feel open and friendly. The MOCA feels like Toronto’s museum, everyone is welcome and everyone belongs. So great to welcome this new space to Toronto!