Can the colour of your art affect your mood?

Can the colour of the art you choose to surround yourself with affect your mood? According to the field of colour therapy, it can. From the Egyptians to now, people have recognized that colour can be used to heal (or stimulate) the viewer.


  • If you're trying to get people to eat more, accent the kitchen with red, yellow and orange, and match your plates to your food. (Bad cooks rejoice!)
  • Saturated (purer) colours can help focus and increase energy levels. A brightly-painted art canvas can lift your spirits; an overly-saturated paint job on the walls, however, might make you antsy.
  • Want to rev things up in the bedroom? Try a red painting. If sleep is your main priority, maybe stick with cooler colours like green, grey, blue or purple and save the red for lingerie.
  • I love this: stress => aging, therefore stress reduction =>anti aging. Forget Botox and peels: dedicate a room to art you love and sit in there quietly once a day for 10 minutes.
  • Red, orange and yellow can ease some cases of depression. Just make sure you have a full stomach.
  • If turquoise and pastel blue are good for communication, why not accent a writing desk with art and accessories of those colours?
  • Interesting: a University of Alberta study of 14 handicapped and disturbed children - both sighted and non sighted - discovered that blood pressures were lowered and aggression lessened when the lighting and colours in their environment were changed. It's not clear what the new colours were. (Does anyone reading this know?)

Try this for yourself:



See what I mean?