Buying art

Help! I Can't Decide Between Two Pieces of Art!

While often it’s nice to have choices, buying art can present a real dilemma. The scenario: you’ve been looking for art for your living room for a while and you’ve finally found two pieces you like by different artists. Both are of a similar size, style, subject matter, and even their prices are essentially the same. How do you decide between the two?

Sharon Berlin, an accredited fine art and antique appraiser, shares her thoughts on this question.

“It’s hard to answer when you don’t know the personality of the person who is buying. And what if you like two pieces from the same artist? Some people might say to go with the more established artist. But why should a less-experienced artist not get the opportunity? How does an emerging artist get a chance if they’re being told, ‘you don’t have enough experience’?

There will always be the kind of person who questions their choices. But at the end of the day, particularly if you’re choosing pieces from artists who have been vetted, such as on an on-line art site or a juried show, you won’t make a wrong decision. If you like them both, just make a choice. Pick what you like/love.

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