Mercartto is brought to you by real people who dig art.

Alexa Samuels
Founder and Chief Art Lover

Lillian O'Brien Davis

Communications Curator

Frank Desimini
Production Whisperer

It takes a village to build Rome on the shoulders of giants.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed in some small way along this Everest-like adventure: Frank, for being there by my side from the eye twinkle days; Annie, for being the other twinkle in my eye; the rest of my family, for being who you are (Mom, Dad, Dave, Jen, Zoe, Levi, Fran, Mike, Mary, Tyler, Tristan and Maya); Gen, whose patience is only outmatched by her photography and mad sosh skillz; Alex K, a true business partner; Jane G, who has been a constant source of encouragement and help, and the team at VentureLAB; Jane M A, a wonderful artist whose belief in Mercartto has been unwavering; Amanda M, the awesome star of our Mercartto video (I think the art fell in love with her); Andrea H who takes almost a decade to find art and is one of the reasons this app was invented, and her husband, Eric A, who said “If you can make finding art a simpler, faster experience, I’m in.”; Joy S, Nancy G, and Sharon B, who suffered through a very early (and confusing) prototype test, and whose subsequent discussions led to Art Predictor; Jim S, for sharing tech startup war wounds; Jessi P, for using the app for an hour, and I didn’t even have to pay her, and Mrs. Gutzler, for swiping over 500 pieces of art her first go; Shy Q for shakin’ out some fresh ideas; Gavin T, Chris E and Bernadette S for helping build earlier iterations; Melanie K for lending her BE chops; Andrew J, that solid force of online nature; April D, for taking the time for a wee startup like me; Froots, who was the first to call after launch because he thought I had given birth to an actual baby, not an app; Cathy P for bringing over flowers to celebrate the launch; Steve M and Susan H, for generously donating their UX savvy; Sabaa Q, Sam C, Catharine F and Aynsley H for their fabulous testing and feedback; Alexey S, Brown Bill, Katherine M, Lally R, Allyson P, Andrea E, Bailey B, Brian C, Cathy P, Dan M, David G, Dhushan T, Gavin S, Jacub G, Rachael G, Yuri D, Tanjim H, Jacqueline H, Samantha R, Leah E, Joanne N, Julie T, Matthew K, Mary Jo L, Monica G, Kate S, Amir N, Andrea W, Andrew F, Anita S, Reuben S, Cheryl G, Chris H, David McI, Deborah C, Hamish McF, Hugh F, Katie F, Marco T, Merjane S, Michael C, Peter W, PJR, Richard B, Ron D, Rory W, Sam T, Sarah N, Sarah P, Sharon S, Susan H, Susan F, Susan S, Tawnya H, Peyman A, Zel B, Leiane C, Eve S, Millie P, Donna F, and Nic B for allowing me to share my app dream with them, and for so generously lending their help, networks and brains to Mercartto. And to everyone who emailed to congratulate, apologized that they were Android or Blackberry users, offered to share, or even only to acknowledge - I read every single message and appreciate the effort. Every little counts.

xo Alexa